Erko Physio is a physiotherapy clinic servicing the inner west and east. We treat all age groups from small children to the elderly.

How do I know if I need physiotherapy?
If you are suffering from an injury that is not improving or find that you have recurrent pain or loss of movement in any body area we can help you. If you have a sports or work related injury or are recovering from surgery we can help you.
What will a treatment involve?

At Erko Physio you will receive a comprehensive assessment which takes into account your symptoms, past medical history and general fitness levels. A thorough objective examination will then look for signs of injury and movement dysfunction. You will receive a full explanation of the diagnosis of your injury and our opinion whether further investigation or medical assistance is warranted.

Treatment will then involve safe manual therapy techniques to assist in reducing your pain and improving any movement problems. You will receive instruction in exercises to address strength, flexibility or postural concerns.

Finally we will discuss strategies for your injury’s management at your work, or in regards to your fitness training and sport.

Some of our physiotherapists have undertaken continuing education in Dry Needling Techniques and in Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques for treatment of Headache and Migraine. Please ask any of our staff if you have any queries regarding these matters.

What type of injuries do we treat?
• Neck and Low back pain
• Knee and shoulder injuries
• Postural Problems

• Arthritis
Recovering from knee, hip and shoulder surgery
All sports injuries, sprains and strains
Overuse injuries
Core strengthening programs
• Workers compensation and Veterans Affairs
• Pregnancy related pain
• Migraines and headaches

What are your fees?

Private Consultation Fees (no referral required)
Initial Consultation $110 (аllow 1 hour)
Standard Consultation $100 (45 minutes)
Pension card holders $90 Initial and $80 Standard
Workers Compensation and Veterans Affairs accepted with a physician referral
What are your Clinic opening hours?
Monday to Friday 7am – 8pm
Saturday 8am – 1pm

  HICAPS electronic claiming from your health fund available.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, cash and cheque payments

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